The 6 Best White Sneakers this Season

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Want to know one piece of advice we give all of our clients? Add white sneakers to your wardrobe.  White sneakers have been a mainstay in the fashion industry dating back to the 60's and 70's. They have stood the test of time and we're certain you'll love having them in your closet.

White sneakers are a workhorse in our closet, effortlessly giving outfits a stylish and updated silhouette. While white sneakers have been trending for a while, we...

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The 'Coastal Grandmother Style' - What It Is and How To Get It

When we first heard the phrase “Coastal Grandmother” used to describe a trending style, we kind of chuckled and moved on. Then it continued to pop into our feeds on a daily basis and the WSJ story (The ‘Coastal Grandmother’ Rises in All Her White-Linen Glory) prompted us to research more and share a blog post on this hot topic so you can decide for yourself if it resonates with you.

You may be asking yourself (as we certainly did, too):

  • Are we coastal grandmothers?
  • ...
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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Fine Jewelry Collection


“Create your own style…Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” - Anna Wintour

One of the ways you can create your own style is by creating a collection of fine jewelry that you can wear every day. The type of jewelry that you can wear without taking off (or as one of our clients said: “I want jewelry I can wear in the shower!”).

You’ve asked: How can I look more pulled together?

And: How can I look...

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Trending Pants to Try This Spring

Recently, we asked you to share with us what you're struggling with when it comes to shopping. We received lots of responses (we'll answer others in future blog posts), one of which was a desire for pant options that “aren't jeans and aren’t work pants.” That made us reflect and realize that we didn’t currently have many in our wardrobes either. We love a good mission, so that was our main focus as we ventured to Evereve this week and we’re happy to share that we...

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The 6 Most Comfortable Sandals for Spring

When it comes to footwear there are so many things to consider

  • Is it possible for sandals to be comfortable AND cute?
  • What sandals do you need to update your look?
  • If you had to buy just one pair of sandals this summer, what should you buy?

These are all questions we have heard from you over the past few weeks, however, they’re also concerns we address for our clients on an ongoing basis. 

Knowing what’s on-trend and making informed purchases that will serve you well for...

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What to Wear Hiking: A Guide to Zion National Park

This year for Spring Break, Jill planned a very last-minute trip for her family (and one other) to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. We flew in and out of Las Vegas, but spent the majority of our time in Zion National Park and Page, AZ.

Planning a trip like this can be overwhelming, especially in just a few weeks' time. Several of you reached out asking for our itinerary, and I'm happy to share it (see below)! We love to travel and I love to plan as much as possible in advance (especially...

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Our Top-Rated White Jeans to Wear this Season

Do you enjoy wearing white jeans? A white denim outfit always looks so fresh and chic for spring and summer. However, we realize it might not be everyone's favorite. And if that's you, there's a chance that you may not have found the perfect white jeans yet. After more than 20 years in retail and personal styling, we have a few suggestions that you may find helpful.

Shopping For White Denim Tips

  • Select fabric that is not too see-through. (Often the number one challenge with white...
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What to Wear to a Wedding 2022

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We're updating one of our most popular blog posts with current dress selections we think you'll love. We're also providing you with allll the information we rounded up from our most asked questions about wedding attire. 

Interested in going straight to dress shopping? Here is a curated list of ideas for you to start browsing. The good news? The selection of dresses that we...

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What to Pack for a Long Weekend Trip

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As the weather warms up and Spring is upon us, you may have some weekend getaways popping onto your calendar. Whether it's college visits, traveling to see relatives, a girls' trip, or a quick road trip, we know it can be a struggle to decide what to pack and how to put outfits together.

Understandably, it's challenging to decide what goes together and how to create versatile ensembles...

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6 Trending Colors for Spring/Summer 2022 You Can Easily Add to Your Wardrobe

collage source: InStyle 

Color trends are currently a popular topic as we get ready to switch over our closets from our winter wardrobes. We have researched for you and you may be happy to know there is at least one hue from each color of the rainbow! Did you learn ROY G. BIV (the acronym for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) when you were in grade school?

The 6 Spring/Summer 2022 colors You Can Easily Add To Your Wardrobe:

Hot Pink


Canary Yellow


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