Thirty Six Hour Travel Guide to Miami

Day One

Heading to Miami? It's vibrant, bustling and there's so much to do. We packed a lot into our quick visit and we're happy to share the details here.

A general word to the wise, you should be ready for a variety of weather when visiting Florida in the winter. We happened to arrive a day before tornadoes ripped through Fort Myers and then southwest Florida had one of the coldest spells in forty years, according to the weatherman. We headed to Miami when crowds were at a minimum - word on the street was that the locals were hibernating inside even though it was around 60 degrees.

Our first stop was 1 800 Lucky, a 10,000 square-foot food hall in the style of a hip, Asian market with indoor and outdoor seating ….seven vendors total. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and it was delicious! We tried sushi, fried rice, soup dumplings and orange chicken.

Our next stop was a short walk away, the Wynwood Walls . A collection of giant wall murals covering six buildings. There are both indoor and outdoor exhibits, plus a neat gift store. I'd recommend buying tickets ahead of time here: 


Our last stop in Miami before crossing the bridge to Miami Beach was the shopping area called Design District. The streets are lined with stores from all the top designers as well as some cute art installations.

We were excited to get to The Confidante Hotel for a little beach time before heading out to dinner. Barefeet on the beach with a quilted jacket was the way to take in the experience!

An Uber to dinner at Joe's Stone Crab enabled us to walk a good portion of the way back to our hotel. Our dinner was so good and lived up to the hype! 

Walking up Ocean drive at night was a fun experience because you're able to see art deco architecture lit up with neon signs on one side of the street and on the ocean side, many of the palm trees are strung with white lights! 

Two places along Ocean Drive that I'd recommend are:

The Villa Casa Casuarina at the Former Versace Mansion, where you can have dinner or drinks and then explore the beautiful space, including the rooftop for a view of the town.

image c/o Villa Casa Casuarina

The Betsy which had a piano player and nice lobby bar. We had considered staying here, so it was nice to see it in person.

Day Two

We woke up to beautiful sunshine and blue skies and delayed our departure a bit with a beach breakfast picnic of amazing bakery and egg sandwiches from Primo Cafe and Market located right across the street. 


We enjoyed lunch at the world’s most famous Cuban restaurant, VersaillesIt was very close to Máximo Gómez Park, in Little Havana, more affectionately known as Domino Park by the locals, so we drove by to take a peek. 

We then headed to North Miami Beach, BalHarbour Shops for appointments at Maria Tash, fine jewelry and luxury piercing store. I had selected earrings and a piercing in NYC while there celebrating my birthday, so my appointment was for a checkup and Claire had a piercing appointment. Stylists take time with you to discuss your "style story" and determine what will look best. I highly recommend their service if this is something you're considering and are going to be in NYC or Miami. Afterward, we browsed a few shops in the mall, and then it was time to call it a day! 

As mentioned, temps were cool while we visited so we were comfortable in denim and sweaters but would have definitely planned on some fun dresses like these below if it had been warm!

It was a quick but very fun exploration of Miami that my daughter and I spent time researching so we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Let us know if you have any questions.




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