What is a Capsule Wardrobe and Why is it useful? (Especially right now!)

Or...how to make your clothes work for you!

Over the course of our experience as Personal Stylists, we have had numerous requests from our clients to create a wardrobe that consists of pieces that are easy to wear, versatile, and highly functional. Well, this is basically the definition of a capsule wardrobe.

Simply put, a capsule wardrobe is a curated, thoughtfully selected number of clothing items with a high degree of mix-and-match ability. Ultimately, your capsule wardrobe allows you to create dozens, if not hundreds, of outfit options so you can get the maximum usage out of your clothing investments.

This idea is super appealing, right? After thinking about how we could best serve our clients on a larger scale, we decided to bring the concept of wardrobe capsules to a Style Guide / eBook format so we can share the simplicity and satisfaction of getting dressed without feeling stressed.

Let's dive in a little deeper and we will share with you why capsule wardrobes are so useful:

1. A capsule wardrobe provides a thoughtful game plan to building your wardrobe (seasonally, or in general) so you don't waste money on pieces that may become "orphans" or go unworn in your closet.

2. A capsule wardrobe provides a game plan for you to get dressed every day, eliminating stress and saving time because you have a set number of outfits planned out and at the ready.

3. A capsule wardrobe falls into the theory that "less is more" - meaning, you have fewer pieces to chose from, however, you will get more use out of the pieces, helping your closet (and your mind) feel less cluttered.

4. A capsule wardrobe ultimately provides a solid foundation for your wardrobe that you can build upon if you choose. However, a capsule wardrobe, by definition has all the pieces you need to create outfits you can wear with confidence every day.

5. A capsule wardrobe provides a roadmap for your style, giving you direction and purpose when making a clothing purchase.

If you find the idea of a capsule wardrobe appealing, we would love to have you jump on board with our Style Guide / eBooks! With 22 or 23 pieces, we will show you how to create 100 outfit combinations that will meet your clothing needs no matter what your day has in store!

Feel confident and stylish knowing that you have personal stylists at your side helping with any questions you have along the way.

Ready to save time and money AND feel more confident? Get started now by purchasing our Style Guide / eBooks here. 




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