5 Wearable Summer Trends We Feature in our eBook

Let’s talk about summer trends and how we incorporated many of them into our Summer Casual Capsule Wardrobe eBook, beginning with the most obvious for summer which is linen. 

While it’s always popular for summer we’re seeing it offered in even more categories this year so we included both a linen top and a fun, versatile pair of linen joggers for you to try. These have been a staple in Jill’s wardrobe since last summer!


Knitwear is another trend we're seeing offered in everything from tops to dresses to skirts and we selected a sleeveless V-neck top that we love. Knitwear is great to add to your wardrobe for the textural interest it provides.


Sherbet colors are also on the list of wearable trends and we selected a cute and comfortable pink t-shirt dress that ticks that box. If sherbet colors really aren’t to your liking, no problem…. the great thing about our selections is that almost all the items we chose are available in other colors so if the color we have featured doesn’t work for you, select another color that suits your needs, style or vibe.


Bermuda shorts is a trend that continues to grow, so we have 3 pairs featured in our eBook. We always aim to curate the most wearable trends for our clients, however, if wearing Bermuda shorts doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to substitute a different bottom that is similar in color that will work for the look. We'd suggest cropped pants or a skirt.


Romantic, puffy sleeve tops are everywhere this summer and we found a really fun one that is light, airy, and will work well with a lot of different body shapes.  You could easily substitute in a different type of blouse or top in the same color.


While you may feel it’s challenging to know what’s on-trend, rest-assured you are not alone!!


This reminds Mary of a personal story (cue the background music ;))...


After spending 8 years in retail post-college, Mary took time off to stay at home with her kiddos. Being fully absorbed in all things motherhood, she found she didn’t have time to keep up with the world of fashion (umm...who does?) Even after being engrossed in retail for 8 years, it’s amazing how fast things change when you’re not in it every day and *poof* suddenly you’re feeling like you have no idea what to wear.


The point is, we can relate and we don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable asking questions or ashamed that you don’t know the answer to whatever style concern you may have. This is our passion! We love teaching and helping women feel confident with their wardrobe. So please, always feel free to send us a DM or email.


To wrap up, we want to let you know that the whole reason we create our eBooks is to make the process of staying up-to-date on trends for you and your wardrobe as simple as possible. Together we research and curate our favorite pieces that are not only going to be versatile, but also reliable and comfortable.


We provide shoppable links to the items, create a checklist that enables you to go through your closet to see if you already have pieces similar to our recommendations, and finally, we spend many hours styling 100 outfits into a lookbook for you to use as a resource every day. 


We are really excited about the launch of our  Summer Casual Capsule Wardrobe eBook and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do! We've noticed that the retailer's summer inventories seem to be moving fast and we selected some really great pieces so grab our book while the items are still in stock for you to shop. But honestly, the lookbook portion of the eBook alone is well worth the price!  And as always, please share your feedback and photos! 


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