6 Trending Colors for Spring/Summer 2022 You Can Easily Add to Your Wardrobe

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InStyle Spring/Summer Colors

collage source: InStyle 

Color trends are currently a popular topic as we get ready to switch over our closets from our winter wardrobes. We have researched for you and you may be happy to know there is at least one hue from each color of the rainbow! Did you learn ROY G. BIV (the acronym for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) when you were in grade school?

The 6 Spring/Summer 2022 colors You Can Easily Add To Your Wardrobe:

Hot Pink


Canary Yellow

Kelly Green 

Cobalt Blue

Soft lilac

What a rich and beautiful palette of colors to draw inspiration from! These bright colors will make an impact on your wardrobe. Did you know wearing color affects your mood and those around you? Every time Mary wears her orange coat, she notices that strangers are more likely to smile as they pass. On the runways, the vivid colors were often worn head to toe but you can experiment and choose what feels most comfortable to you. If dressing head to toe in one color is not your style, experiment with choosing two colors (a technique referred to as color block) or you can always opt for just a pop of color by selecting one piece of clothing or an accessory for your look. All of these trending colors are going to pair well with whites and your denim in shades of blue, gray and black.

Jacket | Top | Jeans | Bag | Sandals

We’ve scoured the market and curated a collection of pieces that we think you’ll love. 

As we've been learning, it's best to shop early while inventory is stocked. You can easily shop any of these pieces by clicking on the image which connects with the retailer to proceed as you would normally shop online. We're often asked if we get credit when you shop through our links and the answer is yes. We receive a small commission from the retailer at no additional cost to you. This revenue source helps our small business and we really appreciate your support.

A reminder for you regarding colors is that no matter what is trending, you should always wear the colors that make you feel most confident. And if you’re not sure exactly what colors are best for you, we have partnered with Color Guru to offer a Color Analysis with a 10% savings when you use the code: WTWC

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions and we'd also love to know what colors you are most excited about this season.


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