Father's Day Gift Ideas

father's day gift guide recommendations Jun 03, 2022

Let's shop and plan some special gifts for Father's Day this year! Through our many years as Personal Stylists, we've had plenty of opportunities to style clients as well as our own husbands and sons and we definitely have reliable go-to's that we love to recommend. 

button shirt | polo | jacket | pants | belt | shorts | sneakers

Here's the breakdown of these sharp men's looks. These clothes are our guys' top picks. They love the comfort of these Lululemon polos, and button-front shirts. The jacket is a new discovery and comes in handy to not only serve as a warm layer but a stylish one as well that is nice enough for work or casual events.

These pants, and shorts cannot be beaten for comfort and the pants are versatile enough for the office, golf, or going out! We love how great they look and hold up to repeated wear. Coordinate the looks with an investment belt that they'll have forever and a fresh pair of white sneakers and they're set.

shirt | pants

We in fact just gifted the button front shirt (Drop Stitch Antique White Raw Linen) and pants (Iron Blue color) to our Dad for his birthday last month and he loved them so much, that he wore them to dinner the next day to celebrate Jill's daughter's birthday! (Had we known we'd be including this photo in our blog, we would have planned ahead and asked him to wear his On shoes. :))


socks | jacket | AirPods | mug | backpack | boxers

Have a commuter in your life? This backpack, is the one Jill's husband uses daily. AirPods on a train or plane ride always are appreciated and we found them at a discounted price. These classic aviator-style sunglasses look good on everyone and are also currently on sale. We've also provided links for favorite socks and favorite boxers,

shirt | jacket | shorts | sunglasses | shoes | running belt | water bottle

And finally, since biking continues to be a favorite recreation for so many, we are sharing these great finds that have been in constant use with our men. These bright jerseys and jackets provide an extra measure of safety as well as these shorts for comfort and a water bottle for easy hydration. (Size up one on the jersey, jacket, and shorts.) The On shoes are still an on-trend, comfortable favorite with our guys and a client just shared that she saw them being worn all over Europe too! This running belt bag is in constant use by Jill's husband and son, who just completed a marathon using it!

So there you have it! Many items are linked through Amazon for a quick arrival. Thank you for reading and for your continued support of our business! Please share with a friend that would enjoy our content.

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