Baby Shower (or any other special event) - Social-Distancing Style

lifestyle Jul 28, 2020

When the idea of having a baby shower came up for our family,  we looked for solutions to make it happen. We really wanted to be able to shower our nephew and his wife with a special celebration, especially after the early arrival of their baby. It was a great success that could be duplicated for other events so we thought we’d share our ideas in case you have a similar situation in your near future!



We kept the guest list very small and scheduled it between meals to eliminate the need for a large variety and assortment of food. This also helped keep things as safe and easy as possible. Food items were all pre-packaged or self-contained yet festive.



We served individual popcorn boxes, a dessert cup of layered pound cake, whipped cream and fresh blueberries, macarons, wrapped cookies, bottles of water, tiny wine bottles with an attached straw, and mini soda cans.









We kicked off the baby shower with a cute game/quiz as a fun way to break the ice and get to know the new mom and dad better.

Everyone wore masks and we were able to social distance the chairs in a circle. We were so happy that everything worked out so well and our nephew and his wife said they were so appreciative to have a little time to relax and have fun! 

With a little creativity and flexibility, the event happened without a hitch. It's so lovely to have something special to celebrate, we were glad to share in the joyous occasion in a way that was safe and fun for everyone!


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