Building your Essentials - Denim

 Let's continue our conversation about building a great wardrobe by talking about some of the essential pieces that belong in your closet. Over the next few weeks we are going to detail out some of the products we have recommended to clients (over and over) and with these recommendations, you will start gathering the building blocks of YOUR wardrobe!

Having good quality essential pieces assures that your wardrobe is functional and versatile for YOU - and ultimately,  you will LOVE what you see in your closet.

Today's first essential piece to have in your closet is: a fabulous pair of jeans (and we wouldn't be sad if it was TWO fabulous pairs ;)).

Sometimes we wonder how many combined hours the two of us have logged in a fitting room helping our clients find "just the right" pair of jeans - you know, the ones you reach for because they feel *almost* as good as sweat pants. 

It's THE BEST feeling when our clients tell us: these are so soft they feel like pajamas OR these are like butter! That's when you know you've got just the right pair.

So, you ask - what are the two brands we recommend on a regular basis?

AG (Adriano Goldschmied) and Wit & Wisdom.

While AG is more of an investment denim, we find Wit & Wisdom to be a budget-friendly option, without sacrificing fit or style.

Both brands offer so many styles and color options. Wit & Wisdom offers extended sizes, which our clients love. There are many styles to choose from, but two of our favorites include the Ab-solution Skinny and the Ab-solution Itty Bitty Bootcut (yes, bootcuts are still relevant and options are better than ever!).

Here is Mary modeling the Ab-solution Skinny by Wit & Wisdom:

As far as AG, our two go-to styles are the Farrah High-Waisted Skinny and the New Angel Bootcut. It would be nice to have both a skinny and a bootcut option in your wardrobe as two basic foundation pieces.

And our friend Cinthia (if you are in the Milwaukee area - stop in to see Cinthia at Nordstrom at Mayfair!), looking fabulous in the AG Farrah:

Our last (and one of the most important) tip is to try on a variety of sizes. The right pair will feel VERY SNUG in the dressing room...not so you can't breathe, but almost to the point where you think - surely this isn't right size! We encourage our clients to bend, stretch and move in the denim when you are trying them on because they WILL stretch out a full size. It's the worst feeling to buy a new pair of jeans and a week later feel like you have to yank them up constantly! 

So, there you have two of our favorite brands that we have tested out dozens (more like hundreds) of times ourselves AND with our clients. Let's get going and build your wardrobe with some fantastic basic pieces that will serve you well over time!


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