The 6 Most Comfortable Sandals for Spring

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6 pairs comfortable sandals

When it comes to footwear there are so many things to consider

  • Is it possible for sandals to be comfortable AND cute?
  • What sandals do you need to update your look?
  • If you had to buy just one pair of sandals this summer, what should you buy?

These are all questions we have heard from you over the past few weeks, however, they’re also concerns we address for our clients on an ongoing basis. 

Knowing what’s on-trend and making informed purchases that will serve you well for the current season (and in many cases, years to come) is the goal of this blog post.

We are fortunate to work with some of the top salespeople at Nordstrom at the Oakbrook, IL location and we decided to go straight to experts to get their advice for the hottest trends in sandals this season - with the condition - they also had to be VERY comfortable. 

When we asked our go-to shoe stylist, Denise, to show us this season’s hottest sellers in the chic, cute and comfy category, she mentioned thisthis, this, and this brand and pointed us in the direction of these 6 pairs.

Each of these styles is available in a variety of colors (and some patterns). Be sure to click on the links. 

You won't be surprised to hear that the sandals we’re featuring are flying out the door, especially amongst professional women, moms on the go, and women over 40. However, what you may not expect to hear is that these sandals are also really popular with 20-somethings who also want to look trendy, chic, and comfortable. The chunky flatform sandals are the most popular amongst the 20–something age group and, honestly, we’re here to back up the fact that they’re on to something! The sandals we're featuring really are all they’re cracked up to be - cute, stylish, and most of all, a dream to wear.

To do the best possible research for you, I (Jill) ordered each sandal so I could try them on at home and get a real feel for their comfort and wearability. Here's a rundown of all the sandals and our first-hand opinion of each pair:

This brand of sandal is always a go-to for us when we're working with our clients who have fussy feet. Mary was immediately drawn to these sandals and for good reason, they're cute, versatile, provide height, a comfortable wedge, and they're available in 3 colors. We love the buckle detail and the straps have a velcro closure so you can adjust accordingly to find your comfort.

One of the best things about these sandals is that they are very lightweight.  These run slightly small, so we suggest sizing up. If you're looking for a versatile sandal that can be worn with everything from dresses and denim to shorts and cropped pants, these do the trick and offer a cushioned footbed and excellent arch support. Similar designs with more color options are found here, here, and here.

While neither of us was immediately drawn to the silhouette of this sandal,  the instant you put it on your foot, you realize why it's so popular. The arch support is amazing and it is one of the most comfortable flat sandals we tried.

The toe loop, which is sometimes bothersome on this type of sandal, is soft and easy to wear without irritating or rubbing.

This sandal is available in three colors (black, tan, and cream) and runs true to size. It can be dressed up and worn with casual dresses but will look best with a more casual ensemble. You'll want to give this sandal a try if you have fussy feet and desire a cushioned, comfy footbed with arch support.

This is another one of the brands we turn to when our clients are looking for style and comfort combined. We were tickled to see this cute option, as platform sandals are definitely having a moment this season.

This sandal runs true to size and comes in 8 colors! The arch support and cushioned footbed can't be beat and while the platform is a bit chunky, the sandal is very wearable and not at all cumbersome. 

If you're looking for style and comfort with a little twist of fun, this may be your best bet! And if you're looking for a platform sandal, rather than a slide, we've got that option for you, too!:

If you haven't noticed, YELLOW is trending for Spring and we're happy to see it. When we had our colors done (enter code WTWC for a 10% discount), we were surprised to learn that yellow is a color that suits both of us. If you enjoy wearing yellow (or want to explore wearing it more) a fun way to do so is with footwear (and/or accessories). Enter this adorable pair of yellow sandals that really hit home for Jill! 

If yellow isn't your thing, these sandals also come in 2 patterns and 4 other colors. These are definitely a chunkier look and feel, however, they are lightweight and super comfortable. These sandals are the biggest investment of the ones we're recommending, but we love the chic, simple design without denying comfort. You can wear these right out of the box without breaking them in.

We all know the Birkenstock brand and some of us have owned them in various shapes and styles for years. Like them or not (hint, hint: we DO!!) Birkenstock has managed, once again to stay relevant by adding the 'big buckle" styles which have been a hit with loyal Birkenstock fans.

Is it time to add Birkenstocks to your shoe capsule? Or perhaps you're ready for an update this season. Be sure to check out all the big buckle styles, most of which are available in a variety of colors. We like the cognac color pictured above, but white is having a moment in the spotlight, and you can't argue with the versatility of black.

It's impossible to argue the comfort, durability, and staying power of this silhouette. They can be worn with just about anything, including casual dresses. 

Finally, if you like the look of Birkenstocks, but you're looking for a wider variety of patterns and colors (21 in all!), you may want to try this sandal. Our sister Cindy purchased this exact sandal prior to a European vacation two years ago and she walked for miles in them, right out of the box!

Rounding out of selections of chic, cute, and comfortable sandals, we have this platform slide sandal that is honestly (trust us on this) really, really comfortable!! It's light as a feather and because of the platform base, it is a "heel" that is easy to wear largely due to the great arch support and cushioned footbed. It really feels like walking on a cloud.

This shoe runs true to size and is also available in black. It is the PERFECT shoe option for date night, girls' night out, and slightly dressy spring/summer get the idea! It elevates your outfit and take your look to the next level. However, it can also be worn more casually on an everyday basis.

Understandably, not everyone wants a platform quite so high, so there's a similar style that offers the same aesthetic, arch support, and cushioned footbed, but with a lower platform. This style is available in 6 colors, including cream, rust, and yellow!

While we realize there are other options for sandals, we're happy to provide guidance on what styles currently resonate with us, and we hope you've enjoyed reading our round-up. Are you planning to add a pair of sandals or two to your shoe capsule this Spring? If so, we recommend shopping early for the best selection.

Have questions? We'd be happy to help. We took the time to try all of these styles so we can provide valuable advice and guidance for you.



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