Father's Day Gift Guide

fashion father's day gift guide Jun 11, 2021

We're always happy to share winners with you so we hope you find these suggestions helpful. You can shop all items by clicking on the photos below or by clicking on the pink words. 

Biking has recently exploded in popularity so we were excited to find these bright jerseys and jackets that provide an extra measure of safety as well as these shorts for comfort and water bottles for easy hydration. (Size up one on the jersey, jacket, and shorts.) The On shoes have been such a hit with our dad and Jill's husband that there are some on their way for Mary's husband. And the running belt bag is in constant use by Jill's husband and son, who just completed a marathon using it!

Now let's break down this cool men's look. Starting with the clothes that are our guys' go-to's. They love the comfort of these Lululemon polos, pants, and shorts. We love how great they look and hold up to repeated wear! Coordinate the look with an investment belt that they'll have forever and this go-with-everything color of sneakers and they're set. We've also provided links for favorite boxers, backpack, yeti mug, AirPods and sunglasses

So there you have it! Most items are linked through Amazon for a quick arrival! Thank you for reading and for your continued support of our business! Please share with a friend that would enjoy our content.


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