Mother's Day Gift Guides

Mother's Day is just around the corner and, let's face it, THIS of all years is the year to treat yourself, your mom, or your friends who are moms to the gifts that you know we all deserve.

We have a one-stop-shop with THREE Mother's Day Gift Guides to help you take care of your shopping needs in a few simple clicks.

It's worth pointing out that we've worked with hundreds of women (the majority of them Moms!) over the past decade, so we know a thing or two about what women like (not to mention, we're pretty discerning ourselves!). The items we've selected have the What to Wear Collective "stamp of approval", so you can rest assured that if you gift any of these items, your recipient will be delighted!

Oh, another tip? Hand our Mother's Day Gift Guides over to your kids or husbands to help steer them in the right direction so you'll be sure to unwrap some well-deserved treats for yourself this year on Mother's Day!

First, we have our Mother's Day Favorites for Moms On-The-Go (MOTG). Our clients and followers regularly request ideas for activewear that is sporty, yet presentable. In other words, you want to be comfy, stylish, and pulled together all at the same time. That's not too much to ask, we promise! Our Gift Guide gives you all the components you need to accomplish this stylish MOTG look.

The bomber jacket has been one of Jill's faves for the past year. She wears it with athleisure wear, but also regularly pairs it with a graphic tee and midi skirt. It also looks great with jeans and sneakers.

We're providing two options for tops - this cropped workout top is so reasonably priced and it's available in EIGHT color options. We wouldn't blame you if you bought more than one! The Uptempo top has provides just enough bum coverage and has thumbholes, which is always a feature we love. Check out various color options in this style, as well - and there is a hoodie version, as well.

Next up, our favorite pants for working out and athleisure. The leggings are buttery soft and the joggers will take you from the sidelines to the gym and everything in between. Every client who has purchased them raves about their comfort and versatility and is so grateful for the discovery.

Let's not forget shoes for MOTG! Your footwear pulls your whole look together. We've shown you one of our very favorite pairs of sneakers and we know many of you are loving these sandals already, but we're also showing you a high-end sneaker (available in LOTS of colors) that get rave reviews for workouts and style points, as well. According to our favorite Nordstrom Shoe Salesperson, they're "flying off the shelves". 

Moving along to some of our favorite accessories, we love this brand and this crossbody bag for its style and versatility and we're warming up the "belt bags" for their ease and practicality. Both selections pair well with an athleisure vibe and make MOTG happy when she has free hands!

We can't imagine life without AirPods these days, between zoom calls, listening to podcasts, and wearing them for workouts, they've become an essential part of our daily routine. If you or another special mom in your life does now that AirPods pros, it will be a gift that keeps on giving! We're even more delighted to have found them on sale.

Can you say, "no more bad hair days"? This cap and these ponytail holders will assure that! The cap is "ponytail accessible" and silk hair ties are wonderful to assure no breakage.

Is it time for a sunglass update? These sunnies are available in a wide range of shades and colors and really make the perfect gift! We know most of the MOTG in your life have a favorite coffee mug or smoothie tumbler, but be sure to check out this brand we love. There are so many cute colors and we have given this exact tumbler as a gift on multiple occasions.

Finally, we're sharing Mary's favorite yoga mat if you'd like to treat a yogi that might not splurge on this for themselves. Mary had this brand highly recommended to her when she started her practice 8 years ago and it's still in perfect condition.


Continuing on to luxe gifts. We’ve had the opportunity to help many clients over the years select these fabulous pieces for their wardrobes and we own many ourselves. At the top of our list is a gift card to work with us! The gift-giver can simply get in touch with us and we'll take care of the rest. 

Michele watches the gift that will last a lifetime. This watch is beautifully designed with all top-of-the-line materials and elegance that makes a statement.

 Jewelry pieces we frequently recommend are the diamond solitaire necklace- both Jill and Mary have and wear on a daily basis, on its own or layered for a touch of interest and sparkle. The diamond earrings from this vendor are favorites not only for their brilliance but because you have the option to trade up in size at a future date. This LOVE charm caught our eyes from a vendor we admire. The on-trend, link bracelet was a recent discovery and Mary has been wearing it frequently.

 We've shared about this Saint Laurent tote before as it is a favorite that stands the test of time for both endurance of use and fashion trends. We’ve sold it to clients and Mary owns it as well.

Another handbag we love is the Gucci crossbody mini bag. Perfect for on-the-go to hold your phone, cards, keys & lipstick. You’ve probably seen Mary using hers a lot - a piece that has been worth the investment when you consider cost-per-wear!

 We’ve included a few other luxe accessories that would make great gifts. The Burberry scarf is a classic that goes with everything, as does the Gucci belt.

We're rounding out our recommendations with a Gift Guide filled with special gifts that would be delightful to give or receive. You can click on the individual pictures (below the Style Board/Gift Guide) to shop for each item.

Most of all, we hope we've inspired you with ideas for yourself or for the Moms who are a special part of your life.

If you are a mom, we celebrate YOU! Happy Mother's Day!!







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