Start At the Beginning: Outfit Foundations


Yesterday we shared our easy 5-step Closet Cleanse guide. We've already received some great feedback on how we've broken it down and that it "makes the task sound very doable and a pleasure, too." So thank you for sharing and we're glad we could put into words an important process that we've been doing with clients for years!

Now let's focus on your wardrobe starting at the very beginning….FOUNDATIONS (you know, bras, panties, shapewear...)! The items you need to ensure a smooth silhouette. Yet, these are also the pieces that we tend to overlook.

What you put on first makes a big difference in how your outfit looks and feels, so it’s worth investing time (and money) acquiring these important elements. Our goal is to have you looking and feeling your best at all times, so we’re sharing our top tips in this important area. Within each foundations category, choose pieces that match your skin tone so they will "disappear" under delicate fabrics and light shades.  

Our number one recommendation is to get a bra fitting by an expert. All brands fit differently and many specialize in certain sizes. Nordstrom’s fit experts go through many hours of training to be certified, which is why it's our personal go-to and our top recommendation for our clients. If going to the store isn't an option, Nordstrom has an entire page of great information here that will enable you to order online. This is also an excellent video that summarizes everything:

 These are three of the best selling bras at Nordstrom, that we also highly recommend:


Next up, let’s talk about panties. We definitely have favorites in this category. You’re going to love them! The Soma Vanishing Edge does exactly what it promises - STAY.IN.PLACE!!  Select a style that you’ll feel most comfortable wearing, whether it’s bikini, brief or hipster - you might even want a variety. They are currently running a sale- buy 3, get 2 free so it’s a perfect time to try. Believe us, we have tried to find similar results and nothing compares.

Finally, there are certain outfits, especially dresses, that really benefit from an overall smooth silhouette that can only be accomplished by shapewear. If you’ve never tried them you may be rolling your eyes, but trust us and our years of experience. We always give forewarning that the effort to get them on is worth it! Our go-to favorite brand is TC or these 

So there you have it.... our top recommendations on getting a few important pieces that will enhance everything you wear! 


- Mary & Jill


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