Paris in the Fall

fall outfits outfit inspiration travel Oct 24, 2022

We had a wonderful opportunity to all travel together to Paris at the start of the month and thought we'd share some outfits in action, as well as the general itinerary. Upon arrival, our room wasn't ready so we checked our bags and headed right out to a cafe and used our reserved tickets for the Arc de Triumphe. Snapped this photo at the top with the cutest little sidekick!

Jill's jacket (same jacket - different color), sweater, pants, boots

Day two included a walking tour of the West Bank, (photo below is with our tour guide) and in the late afternoon we had a walking tour of Monmartre. It was a bit chilly so layers were important!

Jill's jacket, pants, sneakersMary's blazer, scarf, sweater, bag,  jeans, sneakers.

Day three was a driving tour to get the lay of the land and get tips on what to return to later. Our driver also had great photography skills! We finished the day with a cooking class. Highly recommend Cook'n with Class if you're in Paris.

Jill's jacket, sweater, pants, bootsMary's jacket, sweater, pants, boots, bag.

Jill and her family went on a biking and boat excursion on day four, while Mary, her sister, and her friend did some sightseeing, shopping, and an evening dinner cruise.

Jill's top, jacket, jeans, sneakers

Mary's top, pants, sneakers, bag.

Day five was a day for everyone to do more exploring on their own and we all met for a wine tasting and dinner afterward.

Day six was a day trip and bike tour to Versailles for Jill and her fam, while Mary and crew did some more neighborhood strolling, cafe dining, and shopping mainly in the 6th arrondissement which has charming boutiques and the popular cafe, Flore. In the evening they dined at Le Chat Noir prior to the Moulin Rouge show.

Jill's jacket, sweater, pants (sold out), sneakers

 Mary's tote, sunglasses, similar shirt, sneakers.

Day 7- Jill and her husband took a high-speed train to Brussels for another bike tour and exploring the city. Mary and crew made their way to the Marais neighborhood and found some great souvenirs.

Mary's sunglasses, blazer, tote, sweater, jeans, sneakers.

For your convenience, if you're interested in shopping what we packed, you can click on any of the links above or we have everything gathered here. To see what we and our crew took advantage of with VAT Tax and Europe prices (which were all lower) click here

Thanks for reading and please reach out if you have any questions!

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