Spring Color Series: PINK

outfit inspiration recommendations Mar 24, 2021
Update your Spring Wardrobe with the color pink

The next color in our Spring Color Series is PINK and to be honest, we're tickled PINK about it!

Both of us adore the color pink - of all shades - and couldn't be happier to see so much of it in stores for Spring/Summer. Speaking of the color pink, we have a funny story to share. This past weekend we were shopping with 3 other women (our sister and two friends), and Jill asked everyone what's their favorite color. Would you believe all five women said "pink"?!  Great minds think alike!

Bubblegum pink is the color that's trending for this Spring/Summer, however, we're seeing all shades of pink in the stores, and the happiness factor kicks in every time we see it.

We'll share a fun little tip that we often share with clients - and definitely utilize ourselves. We all know there are many glorious Spring days that are full of sunshine, however, Mother Nature definitely balances that out with her share of rainy days. In an effort to combat the gloom and doom on rainy days, we suggest wearing your favorite color - something that's bright, cheery, and will likely lift your spirits for the day.

Whether you like pink as much as we do or not, it's hard to deny that it's a cheery color to add to your wardrobe and we love it as part of an outfit - or as the feature color of an ensemble.



Curious about how you can incorporate pink into your outfits this Spring? We have a couple of fun outfit ideas to give you inspiration for styling an outfit that includes the color pink.


Wearing pink and denim together seems like a no-brainer, right? We'd suggest upping your denim game this Spring by incorporating a straight leg, light wash denim (we wouldn't be mad about a raw edge or cropped length, either!).  Adding a floral sandal elevated this look and adds interest - we fell in love with these floral cuties the minute we laid eyes on them. Sneakers would work well with this look, too! These jeans have been a HUGE hit and are price-matched today at 25% off! All items are shoppable on the individual pictures below the Style Board.




If you've been following along with us for a while you may know that we love the look of a monochromatic outfit, but have you thought of dressing with two shades of the same color? This tone-on-tone look is beautiful when you pair two shades of pink together. You can "bookend" your look by wearing a pink top and pink shoes. Take a peek at our outfit inspiration below. You may already have similar pieces in your closet to easily duplicate a similar look!


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