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We’re sharing one of our biggest “secrets” with you in this blog post — and that secret is how to look stylish and chic without breaking the bank.

Our tip? Mix up your outfits to include both investment pieces and good quality less expensive items. It’s a term casually used in the fashion world as “high/low”.

What’s the best way to follow our tip? Well, first, of course, follow along with us and use our suggestions. Second, look for details and fabrications that mimic or duplicate higher-end brands and designers.

Figuring out exactly which pieces to use when coordinating "high/low" looks may be easier said than done. 

However, we've got good news for you! We’ve done some work for you and we’re going to show you our haul, Target finds, and Target outfits we couldn’t pass up when we were shopping. (Recently, we actually overheard sales associates at a department store talking about the great selections at Target this season, too!) 

Take a look at Mary's outfits below. The tops and bags offer impressive quality at an appealing price point. 

We especially love the gauzy look and feel of the top. The flutter sleeves give a nod to one of this summer's trends. Pairing this gauze top with neutral accessories looks chic and polished, and gives this ensemble an elevated look that's easy to replicate.

Next, this dress below is a linen/rayon blend and is SO GOOD we both bought it in two colors/patterns! Even better it has pockets AND - it's $14! It could easily be worn as a beach cover-up, as well.

Next, we're featuring this lightweight cotton puff sleeve blouse, available in 4 colors/patterns. This blouse is currently on sale for $14. It can be worn untucked (as pictured below), tucked, half-tucked, OR tied in the front. It looks amazing with white denim, but we would pair this with shorts, linen pants, and blue denim just as easily. It's so similar to high-end blouses we regularly see, we immediately fell in love and couldn't pass it up!

Finally, we're featuring two more dresses that we purchased - both with a purpose in mind. Mary purchased her dress for an upcoming outdoor concert and Jill purchased her dress for an upcoming trip to Paris (stay tuned for more about what Jill's packing). Both dresses at fun, easy to wear, and refreshing colors that can be paired with a variety of shoe and accessory options.

When we shop for ourselves and our clients, we are very discerning when it comes to the pieces we purchase and recommend. In other words, we’re picky! So you know when you’re looking at our selections, they’ve met our standards and we would (and do) wear these pieces ourselves. 

You’ve already been letting us know that you, too, are finding some great pieces for Spring/Summer at Target. We would love for you to share with us in our Private Facebook Group what you're loving They have perfected providing reasonably-priced clothes that, especially when paired back to higher-end pieces, look incredibly stylish and on-trend.


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