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building blocks capsule wardobe wardrobe essentials May 20, 2022
a photo of the essential pieces you need in your wardrobe

Do you struggle putting together outfits? Or do you feel like you can never find anything you want to wear in your closet? The reason is most likely because you don’t have the important pieces you need! 

What do you really need in your wardrobe?

This is such an important question to think about. Your answer will depend on your current lifestyle and your individual style but as Personal Stylists who have worked with hundreds of women over the years, we know that there are key pieces that you need. We call them wardrobe essentials. Wardrobe essentials are basically the GLUE that makes the other items in your wardrobe work together to create complete, cohesive outfits that look “pulled together”.

Early in our careers, we had an appointment with a client who tragically lost everything in a house fire and had to start from scratch. This is what prompted us to formulate exactly what is needed to start a new wardrobe. The appointment also made us realize that everyone can use this information in learning how to build a perfect wardrobe! The Wardrobe Essentials we curated are the basics of a capsule wardrobe that will enable you to build on and create endless outfit options.

Since wardrobe essentials are such a vital step to overcoming the struggle of literally not knowing what to wear, and achieving a wardrobe that works for you, we created a mini-course that covers everything about the topic:

  • What they are
  • Why you need them
  • How they make your wardrobe more functional

AND, as part of the mini-course, we give you:

  • A checklist of "must-have" Wardrobe Essentials, complete with shoppable links 
  • Dozens of outfit ideas for how to make outfits from your Wardrobe Essentials (many of which you may already own)

We know that getting dressed can be one of the biggest stressors of your day, so we’ll show you how to make getting dressed easier, once you have the wardrobe essentials you need. You’ll love how it includes clothes that will meet your ever-changing daily needs.

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