What to do in Breckenridge in the Fall or Spring and What to Wear

Breckenridge was a perfect destination for our fall weekend with our son!  We loved the convenience of staying in an Airbnb in the historical area which is walking distance to downtown. We never needed to drive anywhere.

The first two days prior to our son arriving, we just explored all the shops. As much as I  love to shop, my husband is Mr. Social and loves chatting with all the sales associates. We have him and the friendly locals he met, to thank for all the amazing places I'll share! It was also snowing and the temps were quite chilly so it was perfect to pop in and out of the many stores. 

Our first recommended stop was Cool River Coffee House, where we both had delicious sandwiches.

Hearthstone was where we were told to go for dinner. It's in a beautiful old historical house and they feature locally farmed seasonal products. My husband said it was one of the best meals he's ever had - (it was the chef special that night-lamb.) Be sure to visit the upstairs bar if you're early or just want to stop in and Matt from Wisconsin will take good care of you!

Amazing Grace Cafe was recommended as serving one of the best scones you'll ever have. "Ask them to warm it up with butter and jam." And we did, and it was!

Blue River Bistro was also highly recommended by the locals and apparently has one of the best happy hours in town. We really enjoyed our lunches and when our son got to town and the pizza place, Giampietro, we wanted to try had a long wait, we went back again for dinner knowing it would be a guaranteed yummy meal for our hungry traveler. We also popped into RMU for some live music.

The temps warmed up the next day so we headed out for a hike -The Sawmill Trail. It was easy to access from town and so beautiful when we found the lake at the top! As we came down the trail, we encountered the central park area which was fun to hang out and rest for a while. As we were soaking in the goodness of the day, we noticed a cute outdoor garden area of The Crown so we relaxed out there for a while with some refreshments.

Dinner was at Briar Rose Chophouse, the only reservation we had made ahead of time because we knew our birthday boy would enjoy a nice steak dinner after months of dorm food. It did not disappoint. Afterward, we enjoyed walking Main Street and checked out the live music at Mother Loaded.

We enjoy biking and had reserved e-bikes at Carvers. (Tip: You'll receive a 20% savings when you book your reservation online.)  The friendly staff directed us to the recreation trail that leads to another cute town- Frisco, where we appreciated another perfect meal at Butterhorn Bakery. We also stocked up on a few of their freshly baked cookies for an afternoon treat. The trail is really well designed to not only be safe but very scenic. E-bikes made the many inclines easy to maneuver too, while still getting a good workout. Before we turned in our bikes back in Breckenridge, we also explored the neighborhoods off of Main Street filled with so many pretty and uniquely painted houses. We also stopped in at the Breckenridge Market which was well stocked with everything we needed to enjoy a quick meal at home before sending our son back to his campus.

I packed in a carry-on for logistic ease since we had a wedding to attend in Montana prior to this experience. Knowing the weather was going to be varying from 30's to high 70's, I had to be ready for everything and I was quite happy with what I packed, so read on if you're interested in a versatile travel capsule.

You can easily shop any of the pieces above by tapping on the individual item. Everything pictured here provides lots of layering options for all the sporty things we did- hiking and biking as well as just shopping, site seeing and lounging.


For multiple options going out day or night, I was able to style these looks from the pieces I brought. Again, you can click on each item if you'd like to easily shop. Breckenridge has a very casual vibe and I felt these were all perfect!

And finally, I had this outfit with me for the wedding we had attended and I loved wearing it to Briar Rose Chophouse for my son's birthday dinner!

Hope you find all this information helpful as I didn't have much success in my research prior to our arrival and didn't recognize many of the suggestions that were provided thanks to Mr. Social and the friendly locals!


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