What to Pack for a Long Weekend Trip

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As the weather warms up and Spring is upon us, you may have some weekend getaways popping onto your calendar. Whether it's college visits, traveling to see relatives, a girls' trip, or a quick road trip, we know it can be a struggle to decide what to pack and how to put outfits together.

Understandably, it's challenging to decide what goes together and how to create versatile ensembles that you'll be happy with once you've reached your destination. You've asked us for guidance and we're happy to provide ideas with some of our go-to recommendations as part of a mix-and-match 3-day travel capsule.

Our clients, friends, and family members (on multiple occasions) have told us that sometimes they fret about travel because they're concerned about what they're going to wear or if they will pack the right items. Can you relate to this? If so, you're not alone! We have heard this for years!

Even if you don't relate to this 100%, there's a chance that at one time or another, you've felt at a loss for what to put in your suitcase that would meet all your needs and still have you feeling stylish.

Our 3-day travel capsule will have you ready to go with plenty of mix-and-match options. The items we're including are pieces we own or our clients own, so you can be confident knowing they're tried and true.

When you’re packing your suitcase, don’t forget to use our favorite packing cubesWe have used these cubes for long trips, as well as weekend getaways. We’ve packed them where we’ve done one outfit per cube and we’ve also used them where we’ve packed like items together. That’s the beauty of packing cubes, you can use them to fit your needs. Here's a quick tip: packing cubes make great gifts. Purchase a set for each family member in their favorite color!

We also LOVE this tote. It can be used for a carry-on, catch-all, or overnight trip. It is thoughtfully constructed to include pockets, compartments and it's a durable material so it'll last for years.

Now, we'll break down our travel capsule so we can show you our method for packing and why these pieces work so well as a travel capsule. 


One of our favorite things to do when in an airport is to scope out travel outfits, how about you? Who doesn't want to look stylish and chic, and of course be comfy, when traveling?! We're always looking for new ideas and inspiration, but quite honestly, we've really honed in a look we absolutely love AND the best part is that it definitely checks all our boxes for on-trend, cozy, and chic

When traveling, there's no question that you want layers - and options for layers! It's common to span a range of temperatures when traveling (and in most cases, it's out of your control), so we're all about being prepared! This is why we have a tee and a  lightweight jacket, as well as a scarf/wrap so you're ready for a variety of temperatures throughout the travel day.

If your evening outfit option calls for a slightly elevated look, you can change up some of the pieces you've packed to create a different ensemble that fits your needs. For example, you can swap out your sneakers for sandals, add your denim jacket and scarf, and your look is instantly transformed.

Another quick tip: wear your Day One outfit (or at least the bottoms) for your return travel home (don't forget to pack the undergarments you'll need!). Doing so saves room in your bag and keeps your packing super simple.

jacket | tee | scarf | hat joggers | totes | earrings | sneakers


denim jacket | striped top | white denim | cross-body purse | necklace | tank |hoodie sandals | sneakers | earrings

Day Two of Your Travel Capsule, we're providing two versatile ensembles that would be suitable for a day of shopping, site-seeing, sports sidelines, or strolling through a cute new little town. 

One outfit option for you is an oversized denim jacket, a striped top, and white denim, paired with sandalsAnother ensemble is slightly more casual with a black tank, white denim, a camo sweatshirt, and sneakers. Truthfully, almost all of these pieces can be interchanged creating maximum versatility for whatever is on your agenda for the day!

If you need to layer up for warmth, you can add the oversized denim jacket OVER the sweatshirt and of course, the lightweight scarf (heathered herringbone color) a perfect addition that also makes your look a little more chic. You can also make this look slightly more dressy by adding sandals rather than sneakers. We've included one of our favorite coin charm necklaces  (coin and charm necklaces are enjoying a moment in the spotlight).

On this Style Board, you'll also find a cross-body bag that is neutral and just the right size to carry your essentials. A couple splurge options we love are this one , this one or this one, (which is currently $100 off with code SPRING.) One more tip, we like to wear this tank top with a little side knot at the bottom hem, to add an on-trend detail to the look.


denim jacket dressearrings sneakers | purse necklace | quilted jacket | sandals

We love to have a dress along when traveling and this dress is a workhorse at a very reasonable price. It can easily be worn dressed up or down and looks as cute with sneakers as it does with sandals. The majority of our clients have told us how much they love wearing dresses because of the "one and done" factor. We agree! Pop on a cute little dress and you are good to go for the day. What more can you ask for when you're traveling?


sweatshirt |  tank | sports bra | hat | scarf | crossbody bag | leggings | sneakers

We're including a Style Board of some of our very favorite workout items as a bonus for you! Many times when packing for ourselves and our clients there is an element of activity planned, whether a hotel workout, a hike, or something in between - and "regular clothes" just won't fit the bill. This calls for pieces that will be suitable for a workout, whether it be high or low intensity.  

We've shared before that we're pretty picky when it comes to what we recommend and all of the pieces on this Style Board meet our standards and the leggings, in particular, are in both of our wardrobes in multiple colors. There are various lengths available if you prefer a cropped length. (For reference, Mary (at 5'3) purchases the 25-inch inseam for her slightly cropped legging and Jill (5'5) purchases 28-inch for full-length. Did we mention they're buttery soft?! 


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