Athleisure Wear to Pack for a Warm Weather Destination

We're focusing on athleisure wear for this segment of packing and it's one of our favorite categories. We definitely have tried and true favorites that we think you'll love as much as we do!

Athleisure Wear to Pack for Your Warm Weather Destination

Morning Walk


You'll be ready for all types of weather conditions with a built-in bra tank top + a long sleeve tee + leggings + sneakers + belt bag + sunnies.

We love the versatility of all these pieces! They work for everything from an easy walk to sightseeing to a strenuous workout. These sneakers are favorites because they're reasonably priced, they're fashionable and they're comfy for lots of walking!

Afternoon Pickleball, Tennis, Golf, Shopping

A skort really comes in handy with warmer temps and we appreciate how it can be worn for a number of different activities. since getting to Florida and falling in love with pickleball, Mary has been on the hunt for a perfect skort. A funny seam here, a bulging pocket there...nothing was passing the test until this find at Costco! It's not linkable but we think we found a close match with this one. We paired it with the built-in bra tank and a cropped tank for a little more coverage. This lightweight hoodie is the perfect extra layer for temperature changes.

Sunset Beach Walk

Mary loves her Vuori joggers so much that she owns two colors, black and charcoal gray. They are perfect for lounging, traveling, sports, casual outfits....the list is long! For this look, we added a tee from Lululemon, we like how lightweight and comfortable they are. And for a layer, we like this Lululemon hoodie which zips high and gives some neck coverage if it's really chilly. 

Use the above outfit ideas for inspiration and also realize that all the pieces will mix and match for many more options.

Here's a Pinterest Idea Pin you can save.

Packing Tips

You're going on a vacation to get away and relax. You want to be ready for anything that comes up during your trip so here are our tips:

If you've been given an itinerary be sure to look it over well in advance of packing in case you need to shop for anything.

Plan what you will wear each day. It may sound like a hassle but when it's time to pack, you'll do so with ease. Pro tip: take photos of each outfit and save them in an album on your phone for easy reference.

We always recommend packing cubes to not only keep your items organized but also compress everything to fit in your suitcase better.

We hope this helps you enjoy your get away! and for easy reference, here's the link to Part 1: What to Pack for Your Warm Weather Destination Part 1


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