What to Wear to a Wedding 2022

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We're updating one of our most popular blog posts with current dress selections we think you'll love. We're also providing you with allll the information we rounded up from our most asked questions about wedding attire. 

Interested in going straight to dress shopping? Here is a curated list of ideas for you to start browsing. The good news? The selection of dresses that we saw in stores was by far the BEST selection we have seen in months. This is great news on all accounts.

This season you're in LUCK if you like color!! There are so many gorgeous, bright, bold colors in all styles and silhouettes. If there was ever a time to shine with your favorite color - this is it. 

The dresses we've featured are all dresses that we tried on and would recommend. We should share that 8 of the 9 dresses we're sharing with you are dresses that we tried on (the one dress was not available, but we have a lot of experience with the brand, so we feel very confident recommending ;)).

In addition to the 9 that we're sharing here, we tried on LOTS of other dresses that didn't make the cut. We try to bring you the best of the best from what's available in store.

Take a look at our notes below each dress and feel free to ask us questions.

Now that you're starting to gather ideas for what to wear, you may want to take a minute to read our suggestions below to make sure you're on the right track for selecting the perfect outfit so you can truly enjoy the event and help the happy couple celebrate their nuptials.

These are a few guidelines to follow when deciding what to wear :

  • The season
  • Expected temperature
  • Time of day
  • Venue
  • Wedding Theme, if applicable

All of these factors will help determine the most appropriate ensemble for guests. Some invitations will indicate a dress code, which can be helpful (and also confusing, at times). When in doubt, we're here as a resource, but it's always best to check with the couple for clarification and guidance if you're feeling uncertain.

We always appreciate a good visual, so here is another great resource detailing dress codes and appropriate attire for guests:

 Source: Brides.com

What to Wear Collective demystifies Wedding Dress Codes:

Black-Tie & Formal: 

  • Floor-length gown

Black-Tie Optional & Semi-Formal:

  • Cocktail dress

Cocktail Attire:

  • Knee-length dress
  • Midi dress
  • Jumpsuit
  • Maxi dress

Semi-Formal/Dressy Casual:

  • Knee-length dress or dressy skirt & top
  • Midi dress
  • Jumpsuit
  • Maxi dress
  • Wedge heels, block heels (especially if walking on grass/outdoor venue)

What NOT to wear to a wedding (as a guest):

  • White
  • Clothing that's too casual
  • Same color dress as bridesmaids (if you know in advance)

Don't Forget to Shop Early

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of advice we can share at this point is: shop early. Retailers seem to be struggling to maintain a consistent inventory for dressy occasions. Selection is very low and limited, meaning you may need to order online or ship from another store.

Questions? We're here to help, just let us know. We have experience with many of these dresses and all of the brands, so we'll gladly share our insight.

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