What to Pack for a Long Weekend Trip

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As the weather warms up and Spring is upon us, you may have some weekend getaways popping onto your calendar. Whether it's college visits, traveling to see relatives, a girls' trip, or a quick road trip, we know it can be a struggle to decide what to pack and how to put outfits together.

Understandably, it's challenging to decide what goes together and how to create versatile ensembles...

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What to Pack for a 3-Day Trip

As we begin to get out and about more, weekend getaways are popping onto our calendars, as well as our clients'. Whether it's college visits, traveling to see relatives, a girls' trip, or a quick road trip, we've pulled together some of our favorite pieces that are our go-to recommendations as part of a mix-and-match travel capsule.

Our clients (on multiple occasions) have told us that sometimes they fret about travel because they're concerned about what they're going to wear or if they will...

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What is a Capsule Wardrobe and Why is it useful? (Especially right now!) to make your clothes work for you!

Over the course of our experience as Personal Stylists, we have had numerous requests from our clients to create a wardrobe that consists of pieces that are easy to wear, versatile, and highly functional. Well, this is basically the definition of a capsule wardrobe.

Simply put, a capsule wardrobe is a curated, thoughtfully selected number of clothing items with a high degree of mix-and-match ability. Ultimately, your capsule wardrobe allows you to...

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