The 'Coastal Grandmother Style' - What It Is and How To Get It

When we first heard the phrase “Coastal Grandmother” used to describe a trending style, we kind of chuckled and moved on. Then it continued to pop into our feeds on a daily basis and the WSJ story (The ‘Coastal Grandmother’ Rises in All Her White-Linen Glory) prompted us to research more and share a blog post on this hot topic so you can decide for yourself if it resonates with you.

You may be asking yourself (as we certainly did, too):

  • Are we coastal grandmothers?
  • ...
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Our Top-Rated White Jeans to Wear this Season

Do you enjoy wearing white jeans? A white denim outfit always looks so fresh and chic for spring and summer. However, we realize it might not be everyone's favorite. And if that's you, there's a chance that you may not have found the perfect white jeans yet. After more than 20 years in retail and personal styling, we have a few suggestions that you may find helpful.

Shopping For White Denim Tips

  • Select fabric that is not too see-through. (Often the number one challenge with white...
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Father's Day Gift Guide

We're always happy to share winners with you so we hope you find these suggestions helpful. You can shop all items by clicking on the photos below or by clicking on the pink words. 

Biking has recently exploded in popularity so we were excited to find these bright jerseys and jackets that provide an extra measure of safety as well as these shorts for comfort and water bottles for easy hydration....

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5 Wearable Summer Trends We Feature in our eBook

Let’s talk about summer trends and how we incorporated many of them into our Summer Casual Capsule Wardrobe eBook, beginning with the most obvious for summer which is linen. 

While it’s always popular for summer we’re seeing it offered in even more categories this year so we included both a linen top and a fun, versatile pair of linen joggers for you to try. These have been a staple in Jill’s wardrobe since last summer!


Knitwear is another trend we're...

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