Baby Shower (or any other special event) - Social-Distancing Style

lifestyle Jul 28, 2020

When the idea of having a baby shower came up for our family,  we looked for solutions to make it happen. We really wanted to be able to shower our nephew and his wife with a special celebration, especially after the early arrival of their baby. It was a great success that could be duplicated for other events so we thought we’d share our ideas in case you have a similar situation in your near future!



We kept the guest list very small and scheduled it between meals to...

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Summer Weekend Ideas for Food, Fun and Activities with Adult Children

lifestyle Jun 22, 2020



Hey there! Summer is in full swing and you, like us, may feel like your creative juices are running low. Here’s where we step in to help put a little pep in your step and provide some inspiration for injecting fun into your July Fourth weekend - or any summer weekend for that matter!


This is a little different type of blog post from us but let’s be real, it’s a different kind of summer and we are all about making the most of these fleeting, warm,...

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