What to do in Breckenridge in the Fall or Spring and What to Wear

Breckenridge was a perfect destination for our fall weekend with our son!  We loved the convenience of staying in an Airbnb in the historical area which is walking distance to downtown. We never needed to drive anywhere.

The first two days prior to our son arriving, we just explored all the shops. As much as I  love to shop, my husband is Mr. Social and loves chatting with all the sales associates. We have him and the friendly locals he met, to thank for all the amazing places I'll...

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What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Wedding bells are in the air this Spring and Summer! We've heard from many of you, as well as our clients, that plans are moving forward for weddings, showers, and all the celebrations that surround a union of love. Generally, that means we get lots and lots of questions (which we love) about WHAT TO WEAR for these occasions.

We've curated three shoppable Style Boards with looks we love for a Bridal Shower, but while we're at it - these looks could easily work for most of the events that are...

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Spring Color Series: PINK

The next color in our Spring Color Series is PINK and to be honest, we're tickled PINK about it!

Both of us adore the color pink - of all shades - and couldn't be happier to see so much of it in stores for Spring/Summer. Speaking of the color pink, we have a funny story to share. This past weekend we were shopping with 3 other women (our sister and two friends), and Jill asked everyone what's their favorite color. Would you believe all five women said "pink"?!  Great minds think alike!


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Spring Color Series: CORAL

Every Spring it feels good to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe - almost as a little reward to yourself for making it through the Winter! This is certainly the case this Spring, isn't it?

We love to brighten up our outfits once the temperatures warm a bit and adding a few new clothing items in trending colors is the perfect way to get a few fresh and updated looks in your repertoire.

We couldn't be happier with the colors that are trending this Spring and as we're shopping with our 1:1...

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