Four Ways to Style White Denim

White denim seems to be a staple in most of our wardrobes these days and they're one of the easiest ways to put together a chic, stylish ensemble for spring and summer. Do you agree?

While it may have taken you a while to add white bottoms to your wardrobe, most of our clients now can't imagine the warmer months without them. 

No matter what you have on your summer agenda, we've put together four looks that provide inspiration and ideas for you. Whether you shop directly from our links...

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What to Buy at Evereve

Mary came to Naperville this weekend and we had the opportunity to visit Evereve in Naperville to try on some fun options for Spring/Summer. Evereve is one of our favorite spots to shop for ourselves and our clients. On one of our past trips early this Spring, we met Michelle, the manager at Evereve in Naperville and she (along with the rest of the staff) was so helpful and they loved hearing about What to Wear Collective and our followers.

Hearing from all of you in our Private Facebook...

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