Trending Pants to Try This Spring

Recently, we asked you to share with us what you're struggling with when it comes to shopping. We received lots of responses (we'll answer others in future blog posts), one of which was a desire for pant options that “aren't jeans and aren’t work pants.” That made us reflect and realize that we didn’t currently have many in our wardrobes either. We love a good mission, so that was our main focus as we ventured to Evereve this week and we’re happy to share that we...

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4 Things to Help Plan your Wardrobe for the New Year

With the new year well underway, we think it's helpful for you to know the four things you can do to help make your wardrobe work well for you for the next 11 months.

Plus, with cooler weather, it's the perfect excuse to delve head-first into your closet to take care of business.

It might seem overwhelming to think about working on your entire closet at once, which is why we aim to give you practical steps to take on a regular basis to make the process of managing your wardrobe easier. 

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Wardrobe Essential Workhorse: BLACK JACKET


We've been talking about Wardrobe Essentials this week and one of the reasons is because this topic has come up in our 4-week Style Confidence Accelerator (small group coaching). One of our clients in the course purchased some new items, but realized that to put together outfits, she was lacking some very basic pieces - or as we call them - WARDROBE ESSENTIALS.

Wardrobe Essentials are the "glue" that makes it easy to put outfits together. Wardrobe...

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How to Style a Graphic Tee

Today, we're going to let you in on a little secret! It's one of our favorite (and oh-so-easy) ways to make your outfit a little more interesting....AND  this item happens to be one of our Wardrobe Essentials.

As a side note: Did you know we have a Wardrobe Essentials Mini Course where (in a 30-minute video) we teach you all about Wardrobe Essentials?: 

  • What they are
  • Why you need them
  • How they make your wardrobe more functional

AND, as part of the course, we give you:

  • A...
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